Unit 4 & 5, Logie Steading, Forres, Moray,  IV362QN, Scotland. 

                          jude@hellygog.co.uk                                  01309611799 

 Hellygog opened in 2015, from a passion and determination for the husband and wife team to leave their NHS careers as a Physio(Jude) and a Staff Nurse (Steve). They wanted a fresh start with a better balance, time for creation, time for their 5 children.

Life is short and it was time to turn a new corner. So they took the plunge ,and in 2016, Jude managed to leave her post and become fulltime manager at Hellygog. Steve hopes to follow suit in time. The business is thriving, but only because of their passion, and the wonderful local makers that make this possible. Hellygog isn’t one person, it is a family. Their own family are immensely supportive and can often be seen working and helping in the shop.

Jude is a textile artist, who combines media and sometimes collaborates with Steve. Her main areas are interior design / art pieces, faux animal heads on plaques and barrel tops and wet felt making and needle work. 

Steve has an a BA hons drawing and painting, degree from Edinburgh College of Art, obtained way back in 1994. He is determined to make a career out of his painting.

In 2017 the team published their first childrens book “The Pyjama Farmer”, written and illustrate by the Simms, it is a tongue and cheek look at their lives preceeding Hellygog. It tries to recreate the magic they feel about art, love and life. You can expect more from the Pyjama Farmer and many more characters in the future.

Thanks for popping by and they hope to see you at Hellygog and Logie Steading Soon.